One platform for all your
payment needs

With our payment suite, you can accept, process, and disburse payments simply and securely.Get access to all the modern payment modes and let our innovative payment solutions help your business grow.

Our scalable payments platform is future-conscious, technologically advanced and easily customisable.

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What You Get

360-degree integrated
payment solutions

Online payments

Online payments

Manage and optimise a varied range of comprehensive payment solutions, seamlessly and securely.


Seamlessly automate your customer and vendor payments through our hassle-free, flexible and transparent payout system.

Smart routing

Smart routing

Choose from multiple routing options which enable you to switch between transactions dynamically to ensure high success rates.

Web payments

Web payments

Enhanced browser compatibility to smoothly facilitate end to end digitisation of payments made through the various available online options.



We facilitate easy, quick and smooth integrations through our sophisticated API’s that can be integrated into any of your existing payment platforms.

Unified commerce

Unified commerce

Reduce errors, improve operational efficiency with a unified commerce infrastructure that ensures complete accuracy and transparency.

The Payfair Edge

Secure and customisable solutions

With Payfair, you can set your business guidelines to suit the nature of transactions, which minimises the occurrence of fraudulent activities. In a rare case of fraud, we utilise our vigilant risk management system to tackle the fraud and minimise the possibility of any further risk.

Comprehensive reporting system

Get an in-depth, real-time view of payment statuses through our highly comprehensive and automated reporting system.

Same day settlement

Effectively manage your daily operations by receiving your payment gateway settlements the same day straight into your bank account in a single click.

Risk management

Don’t let the risk of fraud block your growth, and operate your business with confidence thanks to our secure online acquiring service and dedicated support team.

White label solutions

Build your own payment operation, customised according to your business needs on top of our comprehensive platform.

State-of-the-art technical diagnostics

Our robust, high-end security system is designed to help identify and resolve issues quickly, minimising downtime and ensuring your payments flow smoothly.

Empower customers to choose how they pay

We offer support for almost every online payment and payout method.

What You Achieve

Safeguard and future-proof
your business

Solve payment complexity, increase efficiency and establish a robust system with our trusted payment solutions. Scale your business without worrying about navigating through changing regulations, new technology or evolving customer behaviour. Let us help you stay ahead of the curve in this rapidly-evolving world of digital payments.

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Experience our state-of-the-art payment orchestration platform, understand how it simplifies your business needs and adds value to your day-to-day operations.


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