The story of Payfair

Payfair was founded in 2018 on the simple idea that fintech and processing payments should be affordable, easy and fast. The industry had normalised high fees and manual processes for initiating payments. We knew there had to be a better way to unify payments while making the entire process simpler — so we built one.

Today, Payfair facilitates the movement of millions of rupees with a flexible, reliable and easy-to-use payments platform across industries customisable.We've made an incredibly complex process of navigating the various payment networks and regulations simpler for our customers and their end users.

Our Mission

To become a global leader in payment processing by building a secure platform for public companies to startups of all sizes.

Our Vision

To help build a world that can move money simply and securely.

A people-first work culture

At Payfair, every policy is an extension of our core belief that an organisation will only thrive if it cares about its employees before everything else. By creating a conducive atmosphere for our workforce, we lay the groundwork for great outcomes, inside out.

Paid parental leave

Paid parental leave

New parents get 12 weeks of paid parental leave after the birth or adoption of a child.

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