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Seamless integration

Seamless integration

You don’t need to change your existing system, just add new features as and when you need them.

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High-end security provisions

Security is of the utmost importance to us. We do regular security checks and have a modular risk management system in place to ensure your business is safe from any kind of fraud.

Same-day settlements

Our settlement timeline is T+0 or T+1, as opposed to the industry standard of T+2 (T is the day of transaction). In fact, you can opt for settlements every 15 minutes on the same day if need be.

Secure customer onboarding & verification

Our simplified process ensures an easy way for users to sign up. Once signed up, we take care of KYC, AML, sanctions screening and identity verification for your ease.

Mass updating and duplicating

Avoid tedious data entry with our system’s ability to upload and duplicate detailed transaction history with just a few clicks. Stay on top of pending payments, failed transactions, funds and more without handling mounds of spreadsheets.

Flexible transaction methods

With customised user experience at its finest, choose how your payments are divided, transfer funds between users or between platform and users, schedule payouts or do it manually and more.

Intelligent reporting system

With unified reporting, get access to data from multiple sources in a single sheet, be it your GST invoices, daily transactions, monthly transactions and more. Streamline your workflow and plan your daily operations better with Payfair.

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Experience our state-of-the-art payment orchestration platform, understand how it simplifies your business needs and adds value to your day-to-day operations.